HGV drivers choosing laybys over lorry parks due to security concerns

The majority of drivers parking overnight in laybys said they did so because lorry parks were not secure enough, according to research carried out by digital marketplace SNAP.

It also found almost a third (30%) of fleet companies were unwilling to cough up the money for staff to park at truckstops or service stations.

SNAP said that when drivers were encouraged to share any dangerous or worrying incidents they had experienced while parked in a layby, 70% said they chose it because the security standards at official parking sites were insufficient.

One driver said: “I only park in lay-bys or industrial estates. I have had my curtains cut when parking in services/truck stops.

“I refuse to pay for parking that is not properly secure.”

Another pointed out that hauliers were increasingly unwilling to pay for parking: “Facilities remain open by the skin of their teeth, cutting staff to meet bills and less parking coming in,” SNAP quoted them as saying.

Limited capacity at truck parks and service stations was also cited as a problem, with 70% of respondents telling SNAP any truck stops perceived as secure were usually full by 6pm.

SNAP added that Cambridgeshire police alone had reported a 380% rise in cargo crime from June to July 2023.

It said 46% of this occurred in streets or lay-bys, and 24% happened at service stations.

Matthew Bellamy, SNAP MD, said: “We have received a lot of invaluable feedback from drivers regarding the safety and security of service stations and truck stops across the UK. It has highlighted the huge amount of work that still needs to be done to improve the quality of truck parking.

“We recognise the part we must play in this and will continue to utilise our SNAP Access & Security team, who plays a pivotal role in improving security through installations.”

Asked whether professional drivers were opting to hold on to money designated for parking overnight, an RHA spokesman said: “Absolutely it is not a question of pocketing the money.

“Unsecure parking facilities are a target for the organised criminals who perpetrate freight crime.

“Drivers often only have a choice between two unsafe options – give them a safe and secure parking option and drivers will take it.”

Original Article – HGV drivers choosing laybys over lorry parks due to security concerns (motortransport.co.uk)

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