Hellmann teams up with shipzero to cut road transport emissions

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is partnering with German freight emissions-measuring expert shipzero to make its road transport services more sustainable.

The collaboration builds on a pilot project the companies have been running since April 2023, in which shipzero has been gathering data on Hellmann’s CO2 emissions. That data management also includes primary data from external logistics partners ensuring that CO2 measurements are based on actual consumption rather than extrapolations and average values, which has been the market norm to date, according to Hellmann. 

Data is exchanged between Hellmann and its transport partners via the shipzero platform so that precise scope 3 emissions are collected per customer, shipment and route. Scope 3 emissions refer to indirect emissions from transport in the wider supply chain.

That data is integrated by shipzero into the calculation of the corporate carbon footprint, external audits and sustainability reports, said Hellmann, supporting compliance with new regulatory requirements that will come into effect from 2024. The analysis from the data gathered will enable Hellmann to identify specific supply chain decarbonisation projects with its logistics partners.

“Hellmann was one of the first major logistics service providers to take up this challenge and is using shipzero’s innovative technology to create precise, shipment-related CO2 emission calculations for road transport based on primary data,” said Jens Wollesen, chief operating officer at Hellmann.

Wollesen said the calculations would enable Hellmann to optimise its supply chain and reduce CO2 emissions in road transport.

Hellmann provides services for six industry verticals, with the majority of its business in automotive.

In a previous interview with Automotive Logistics Monika Thielemann-Hald, global head of automotive logistics, explained that sustainability was a cornerstone for Hellmann’s operations and it was intent on making the automotive vertical of the company’s business more sustainable for the future.

“Whenever we approach projects, we do so with a view to their sustainability,” she said, adding, “[s]ustainability is embedded in how we are doing things.”

Original Article – Hellmann teams up with shipzero to cut road transport emissions (automotivelogistics.media)

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